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Chasing Chaucer

Britt Hanson has always preferred scoring goals on the soccer field to analyzing old books. But when an injury ends her dream to play at UCLA – and her athletic scholarship – she jumps at the invitation from her English teacher to compete for a new literary scholarship. However, this is no ordinary competition. To win, Britt must: Travel to England (okay, so she’s never been farther than the Grand Canyon). Solve clues that lead her to locations of classic novels (some of which she didn’t actually read). Write tales about her adventures (even though her teachers called her essays “uninspired”). Oh, and not to mention beat three competitive, devious classmates.

If Britt fails, she can kiss college goodbye. When she finds help from a cute British guy, she believes she may have a chance – if she can let down her walls and let him in. Luke Jackson also knows what it’s like to lose a dream and face an uncertain future. Together they travel across England in search of a fresh start.


Uncharted, 2013 Genesis Contest Winner

Eighteen-year-old Devin Grath would do anything to protect his mother—even become an assassin for a power-hungry sorcerer. But when he’s ordered to kill the Brennans, parents of an old classmate, he risks everything to fake their deaths. Now Devin must find an ancient book of magic hidden in the Northern Realm before his former master can use the book’s spells to conquer the kingdom. There’s just one problem. Alayna Brennan has the only known maps of the Northern Realm, and she thinks Devin killed her parents. When Devin asks for her help to find the book, she agrees to accompany him—even though she’d rather see him hang for murder. Now they’re in a race through a deadly land where remnants of forgotten magic make every step perilous. Devin and Alayna must learn to forgive and work together if they have any hope of saving the kingdom.


Forget Me Forever

Morgan Thomas wakes on her first day home from studying in Spain with no memory of the last year abroad. Her emails have been deleted, her phone and camera are missing, and her best friend knows more than he’ll say. All Morgan wants is to figure out what happened, but when she starts investigating, people she confides in vanish and someone begins watching her every move. When she finds a hidden journal in her own handwriting with clues pointing to a medieval conspiracy, Morgan must decide if answers are worth the cost or if her past is better left forgotten.


Raiders of the Lost Aardvarks, 2011 Genesis Contest Semi-Finalist

Jessa Patel is used to having a mom who would rather dig in the dirt for ancient alien dinner plates than actually use one for a family meal. Then her mom is injured on a mission to retrieve three aardvark statues, and may lose her job and move home. That would cramp Jessa’s style—no more makeup, no coffee, definitely no first date. Jessa volunteers to help her mom finish the job, but isn’t prepared for mercenaries, ancient booby traps, and a cute young thief. Jessa must use her unique skills (who knew shopping and fixing coffee-makers could be so helpful in archaeology?) to outwit her adversaries and be the first to recover the statues.


The Far Side of the Stars, 2011 Genesis Contest Semi-Finalist

Ambitious college freshman Cassie Clark has her life planned out, starting with studying in Paris. Those plans are interrupted when she receives a strange offer to travel farther than she imagined. She and her twin brother, Nate, learn about a secret group called the Caretakers that protects magic gateways to other planets, and the group’s centuries-long struggle with a rival group that would exploit the other worlds. They agree to join a dangerous mission across three planets to rescue an old man who has been kidnapped by the rivals—and discover the missing man’s connection to their deceased father. Cassie must decide if she’ll cling to her own goals or be willing to follow a more unconventional plan for her life.

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